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Scraps Contributed by Jim Peva

Scraps Contributed by Jim Peva

Scraps Contributed by Jim Peva

Early in 1969 my wife, Marty, submitted an article to the 
Indianapolis newspaper.  Instead of using her story, they sent their own
reporter to verify her information and write his own piece on the subject.
Marty's was much better, I think, in terms of writing style and actual
bluegrass content; but their person did get interviews with local people
(maybe Silverspur Ragsdale & Birch) about some of the daily details.  The piece is uncredited, probably because it was staff written.

They DID use our photographs, however.  They were, likewise, 
uncredited (and were not very well paid for!)  She and I took them 
at several different places over the preceding couple of years.  The 
lead picture of Monroe in glasses with his mandolin was taken at 
Frontier Ranch, near Columbus, Ohio, around 1966.  Jim and Jesse were performing at Bean Blossom in 1968.  The picture with Baker off to the left and Bill, Vic & Roland singing in one mic was at Chatauqua Park, Franklin, Ohio, in 1967, and NOT at Bean Blossom in '68. 
Baker and Mac were at BB '68.  Some of these pictures have also appeared in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine.

Frank Godbey


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