Grey Eagle Grey Eagle Grey Eagle Grey Eagle
Kenny Baker & Bob Black 1973
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Download Kenny Baker & Bob Black's "Grey Eagle" as an  mp3 file (baker1mpeg.mp3)
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This recording was made by me (Jim Moss) at Bean Blossom in June of 1973.  It is 
here, this very night, that Kenny Baker first jammed with Bob Black, an event that 
kicked off a musical relationship that would produce many albums and a tour of duty 
as one of  Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys. You can hear the excitement of the moment 
in this live field recording made at around 4:30 am Bean Blossom time.  Everyone
felt that Bob's playing was really different as he played Baker's breaks note for note.
This can be heard to some extent in this recording of their first take at Grey Eagle.
Kenny Baker has given his approval to include this field recording as part of this 
web project.  As for this recording, it is the first time it has been made available as 
it remained archived away in boxes of old field tapes for over 24 years. 

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