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Left to Right: Jim Moss, David "Slappy" Chalupsky, Jeff Smith, Paul Squyres,
David Panutnum.  (Bluegrass One Band) 
at Pearls in Palo Alto, CA. ( 1983 )

Left to Right: Jim Moss, David Panutnum, Paul Squyres, 
Jeff Smith, David "Slappy" Chalupsky. 
(The Bluegrass One Band) at the original
La Honda Bluegrass Festival, La Honda, CA. ( 1983 )

Left to Right: Jim Moss,  Jeff Smith, Paul Squyres, 
David Panutnum, David "Slappy" Chalupsky.
(The Bluegrass One Band) at Pauls Saloon, 
San Francisco, CA. ( 1983 )



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Order The New 
Sleeping Lady CD


Sleeping Lady  Turkey In The Straw, Walkin' In My Sleep, Catnip, Moonlight Waltz,
Bluegrass Swing, The Old Mountaineer, Call Of The Shepherd,
Little Rabbit, Cruel Willie, Cotton Eyed Joe, Salt Creek, 
Carol County Blues, Sleeping Lady, Midnight At Bean Blossom

Independent  Reviews

"Sleeping Lady" Bluegrass Instrumentals
by Jim Moss (on Fiddle),
featuring Frank Wakefield (Mandolin)
and Bob Black (Banjo), is a CD that must
not be kept a "Sleeping Lady".  It must be
heard by all!

I purchased the CD after the Frank Wakefield
Concert at McCabes!   I was able to meet
Jim Moss~ and I must say i was very impressed
with his playing!  Actually, I think the band would
have played into the wee hours of the night... that is
how much they love their music!   BTW the concert
was 3 1/2 hours long!

On the CD, my favorite songs are:  "Moonlight Waltz",
"Catnip", "Little Rabbit", and "Cotton Eyed Joe".

Check this CD out... for more information
contact the web site

You won't be disappointed!

My best,
Linda Riha
Burbank, CA

That is a GREAT album.  I bought one from Mr. Moss at the
Frank Wakefield Band show at McCabes.  I don't think I have ever heard
Fiddle and Mandolin with the rich Monroe sound as I have with this CD.
Mr Wakefield's mandolin sounds like it is coming through the speakers.
Same for the fiddle.   This is like no other mandolin CD.

Why can't we get more CDs with the huge sound that Sleeping Lady has.
Moonlight Waltz is incredible.   I also like Walking In My Sleep.

This is the first Moss album I have seen.    Does anyone know if there
are others out.

This sure has the Monroe sound.
Bill Mason

Frank Wakefield's fiddle player, band leader, manager and booking agent,
Jim Moss has a new CD called "Sleeping Lady". Frank's all over it with his
own unique style as is Bob Black on banjo and various others. This is some
really powerful fiddle playing....tough,strong recording. Bluegrass on
steroids! There are some good old tunes, some new stuff and it's a really
fresh take. He uses some open tunings on the fiddle where it sounds like a
bunch of bagpipes along with the fiddle. Good stuff as anything Frank
participates seems to be. Get it at: Highly
recommended with no financial interest. 
Larry Otis

I have to second Linda's "A MUST"!  Sleeping Lady is one of the most
tasteful projects that I've listened to in quite a while.  All instrumental,
and several Jim Moss originals.  Jim's fiddle is spectacular, Wakefield's
Loar is stellar, and Black's banjo is about as tasteful as I've ever heard.
Kenny Baker must be some more teacher!

Gary McElwee

I just wonder why we don't hear more music like this.  If you close your
eyes it sounds like Monroe himself.  It also sounds like Frank Wakefield.
The fiddle has real punch in fact the entire album has punch.  This is
what bluegrass sounded like in the 1960's.  Hard! and Tough!

Bill Mason



The 1983 "Through The Windshield" album or the 1982 "Tanyards" album along with 
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"Through The Windshield,
Jim Moss Bluegrass Fiddle"
BB147 County Sales: with Bob Black on banjo, Jeff Smith on mandolin,
Dave Thompson on guitar, and Paul Squyres on bass.
With guest David "Slappy" Chalupsky on banjo.
    With Sugar in the Gourd, Mitchell's Reel, Long Cold Winter, 
Cattle in the Cane, Dark was the Night Cold was the Ground, Old Uncle Jordan, 
Liberty, Paddy on the Turnpike, Apple Blossom, 
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Through the Windshield.


"Tanyards, Jim Moss Bluegrass Fiddle"
BB145 County Sales: with Bob Black on banjo, Jesse McReynolds on mandolin,
Dave Thompson on guitar, and Roy Husky Jr. on bass.  With special guest Kenny Baker.
With Bill Monroe's "Tanyards" and "Reel Foot Reel". 
Also, Arkansas Traveler, Forked Deer,My Resting Place, Cherry Blossom, 
Old Blue Hen, Bluegrass Blues # III, Florida Blues, New Sailor's Hornpipe, 
Chicken Reel, Baker's Boarding House.

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