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Bill Keith & Admirers
L to R: Howard Dye, Dick Berger, Bill Keith, Bob Berger (1963)
Photo by Jim Peva

Brown County Ind. Jamboree Barn
L to R: Bill Monroe, Joe Stuart, Bill Keith, Del McCoury ( 1963 )
Notice the microphone rubber-banded to the mic stand.  This is the
microphone of a tape recorder.  Bill Monroe would encourage the
recording of his live performances.  These tapes are have been available
over the years to many young musicians who wanted to learn directly from the performances ofthese classic bands.  The microphone in Joe Stuart's face was later mountedto the roof to eliminate foot pounding noises from coming through the soundsystem.  Del's watch, when enlarged, shows that this is a 5:00 show.
Photo by Jim Peva

Brown County Ind. Jamboree Barn
L to R: Jerry Waller, ? , Birch Monroe, Charlie Monroe ( 1963 )
Photo by Jim Peva


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