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Jim Moss (left) (Quote: "Producing is like bookkeeping.") working on 
track-sheets and the late Dave Shogren (right) (Founding member of the Doobie Brothers) engineering in Control Room of Subsonics Studios, 
San Jose California  In 1998 this installation was moved and became 
Jim Moss's Blueberry Records Studios.
( Photo Date Nov. 12th 1997 )
Dave Shogren had started 2 smaller studios and had just started work
on a third when he was found dead at the age of 49, after being 
bedridden with the flu in December of  1999.
We recorded the Jim Moss album with Frank Wakefield & Bob Black 
on the AKAI DR16 and backed up to ADAT.
If needed we could combine the 16 channels of the DR16 with the 
16 channels of the 2 ADATs producing a total of 32 channels. This is a perfect match for the 32 channel Neotek Elan console.  Of course, 
in Traditional Bluegrass one can do just fine with 16 or even 8 channels.
Photo by Bob Black

The late Dave Shogren (Engineer) in the Subsonics Control Room
Subsonics Studios, San Jose California  ( Nov. 12th 1997 )
Photo by Bob Black


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