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Recording Studio
Technical page

Interviews and Links for
Microphones, Mixing Techniques, Outboard Effects, Equipment Maintenance, CD Mastering & Production

Video Stuff 

 Color Temperature of Light

 Redwood Light Box Project

 Film & Video Lighting for Low-Budgets

 Avid Video Editor Systems
 Avid Video XPress Editor Systems

 Dscreet Video Editing Products
 Matrox DigiSuite System

 Media 100 Video Editing Systems

 DPS Video Editing Systems
 DPS Editing Products

 Pinnacle Systems Video Editing Products
 ReelTime NITRO

 MPEG 2, A Beginners Guide
 FAQ: MPEG2 Audio

 Cinemacraft MPEG Encoders

 LIGOS MPEG 2 CODECS (Very Good: Jim Moss)

Audio Engineering

 File Size Limitations and Solutions

 Listening to and Analyzing Waveforms

 Human Vision Color and Compression

 Audio Engineering

 Audio Engineering Homework (Great Stuff) Pitch 

 Speech & Audio Technology

 How Compressors Work

Sound Stuff

 Auralex Foam

 The Recording Studio Design

 Studio Design

 List of Studio Room Sizes

 Sound and the Ear
Tape & CD Suppliers

 Tarrapin Tapes (Tape Vendor)     (Price Rating: ***)

 Tape dot Com.. (Tape Vendor)     (Price Rating: *)

Tape & CD Artwork/Production

 Printer's Glossary of Terms
 CD Art Templates
 Ross Ellis Printing
 Disc Masters
 Cover Art

 CD Printing Specs
 Tray Card 1
 Tray Card Final Size
 Spine Registration
 UPC Codes
 Film Specifications and Common Errors
 Printable Areas
 CD Registration Marks
 Booklet Front Cover
 Booklet Fold Examples

CD Mastering

 Sienna Digital: CD Mastering and Production ( think low prices )

Tascam's 24 bit DAT, the DA - 45HR

 HHB CD Recorders

 Digital Domain Main Page
 It's Not How Loud You Make It, It's How you Make It Loud!
 So...you're planning on making a Compact Disc!
 Digital Domain's Unique CD Mastering Techniques
 Audio Jokes
 Welcome to the CDR Test Pages
 Compression In Mastering
 The Digital Detective

 Mix Mag Online

 Music Annex Mastering Talk
Stereo Bus Stuff
 Apogee Digital

 ADL Labs
 Anthony DeMaria (ADL) 1500 Stereo Tube Limiter Page
 ADL 1500 Review

 T.C. Electronic's Finalizer

 Avalon Design EQ's & Limiters
 Avalon VT-747 SP

 Manley Labs
 Manley Labs Electro Optical Limiter
 Manley Vari-Mu Limiter

 Compression Exposed
 Compression (Mix Mag)

 Joe Meek Compressors

 Millennia Media

 ART Pro VLA (get it? as in LA-2 )
 DBX Silver Series Tube Compressor

 Build Your Own LA-2A (everything you need is here)

 Behringer Audio Products

 SHURE BROS FAQ for Microphones

 Recording Mag Review

 Leo's Audio

 Summit Audio Products

 Sweetwater Sound, Inc.

 The Music Resource Site

 Here are just a few Industry Links
 VU Metering (informational)

Understanding the Volume Unit


 VU Metering Circuits

 The LM3915 by National

 Peak Level Indicator

VU Analog Panel Meters ,(dB),AC Motor Load,&RF Thermoammeters-15 ***

MP Meter Panel Series ***

P H M - Metering

 How To Bake Your Tapes (by Mike Rivers)

 Event Electronics (Studio Monitors)

 Small Recording Studio Room Acoustics and Helmholtz Resonators

 Tubes vrs Transistors

 The RCA HB-3 Tube Manual ONLINE!
 12AX7A Page
 12AY7 Page
 12AU7 Page

 Acoustical Measurements Systems

 Electronic Crayons (A Vacuum Tube Microphone Pre-amp / Direct Box Project)
 Phantom Power Supply 
 The Tube Sound
 Small Recording Studio Room Acoustics and Helmholtz Resonators

 Audio Links

 D.W. Fearn pre-amps and tube DI

 A Vacuum Tube Microphone Pre-amp / Direct Box Project

 Brent Averill


 Sound Performance Lab ( info mag. check it out )

 Neve 80 Series Channel Amplifier modules

 The Purple Audio MC76 is a FET Peak Limiter (ll76LNB Clone)

 Vintage Gear

 Vintage Neve Class A Circuit Information:

 Neve Class A Microphone Pre-amp Circuit

 Neve BA283AV Class A Circuit

 AKG C-451 Condenser Microphone System



 Abby Road Studios

 AKAI DR16 Digital Recording

 AKG Acoustics



 Alesis Digital Equipment

 Optifile Mixing Board Automation


 Eddie Ciletti


 Martin Sound : Neotek

 Classic and Vintage...

 dbx Pro Audio


 IDN: Independent Distribution Network

 The Mic Shop

 Korby Audio

 Jensen Transformers

 Mix Magazine Online


 Focusrite Audio

 OPT Industries Audio Transformers

 SuperSonic Communications

 TRIDENT Consoles

 Eventide Inc.

 Dick Brauner Microphones

 Small Recording Studio Room Acoustics and Helmholtz Resonators

 Recording Session Methodology

 Record Plant Mics


 Danny Watson's Ozark Pro Audio... New & Used Equipment


 Ocean Audio New & Used Pro Audio Equipment Sales

 digibid.com, On Line Audio Equipment


 Underground Sound

 Vintage King Audio

 Harbor Sound

 Hi-Tech Audio

 Funky Junk Ltd.

 Studio Tech Supply

 German Based Pro Audio Dealer

 Marquette Audio Labs

 Professional Audio Design Inc.

 Ear Professional Audio

 Ridge Farm Studio

 Microphone Theory Page

 Vintage Broadcast Microphones

 Pro-Audio Market Place


 Georg Neumann

 Neumann USA

 Questions to Neumman
Neumann Classic Microphones
 U 47 - The LegendA Very Old U47 Data on mic

 U 67 - The Workhorse

 CMV 3 The Beginning

 M 49 The First Remote Controllable

 M 50 The Historic Omni Directional

 Miniature Microphone KM 53

 Miniature Microphone KM 54

 Calibration Microphones MM 2, MM 3, MM 5

 SM 2 - The First Neumann Stereo Microphone

 Miniature Multi-Pattern Microphone KM56

 KM 64 - The Cardioid

 KML - The Lavalier Microphone

 KM 84 - 48 Volt Phantom Powered

 KM 66 - The Figure-8 for an Even Sound Field


 Golden Wave Sound Recorder Editor

 Cool Edit Sound Recorder Editor



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